Dr. Kermany; Iranian doctor with millions of customers

Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Kermany is one of the people who has spent many years of his life studying and researching in the fields of obesity and slimming and offering practical solutions for their treatment.

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As someone who has experienced obesity and being overweight himself, he knows better than anyone else how dangerous and harmful the effects of this disease can be. He started his activity by providing diets for obesity and slimming, and today, after 26 years, he is known as one of the renowned doctors in this field in Iran and the Middle East, and with his expertise and experience, he has been able to help more than one million people, to experience a healthy life. In this article, we want to introduce such a hard-working doctor. So stay with us.

From birth to immigration

Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Kermany was born in Najaf in 1947. His parents were from Kerman and Yazd. His family moved to Baghdad in 1951 for his father’s business. So he went to school there for elementary, middle, and high school. Due to his passion for medicine, he chose to continue his study after graduation. So he took the Baghdad University admission examinations and was enrolled in medicine in 1966. Dr. Kermany graduated in 1973 after finishing his medical studies. The vast number of people attending anti-Baathist political and religious assemblies prompted Saddam to leave Baghdad in 1979. In January 1958, Dr. Kermany came home from Syria and joined the construction jihad.

The era of the imposed war

Relations between Iran and Iraq did not worsen until Dr. Kermany returned to Iran a few months later. Like many Iranians, he expressed his preparedness to protect Iran’s land and people and led a medical convoy to the battlefields to heal the injured. During the eight-year holy defense, Dr. Kermany aided the Iranian troops and saved numerous combat injured.

The post-war era

The conflict did not stop Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Kermany from practicing. Reduced physical activity and genetic factors induced overweight and obesity. Obesity caused hypertension, tiredness, shortness of breath, and heart failure. He knew as a doctor that being overweight caused all of these complications. That’s why he set out to lose weight. Dr. Kermany spent months researching and developing a healthy eating plan before utilizing it to lose 20 kg. Dr. Kermany noted there are many others involved. So he set out to help them get well.

The Doctor’s books and activities

With 26 years of experience in the treatment of obesity and slimming and providing a healthy diet, Dr. Kermany has tried to increase public awareness of healthy nutrition and till now has helped more than one million people to achieve a normal weight. Slowly, Dr. Kermani’s group is becoming known not only in Iran but also in the Middle East for its valuable and effective services in promoting people’s health. For those who like to get acquainted with Dr. Kermani’s activities and books, we intend to address this issue here. So stay with us.

Books by Dr. Kermany

Dr. Kermany has authored numerous excellent books in the disciplines of obesity, slimming therapy, and other subjects to give thorough knowledge and practical answers to his audience. Following are the titles of Dr. Kermani’s books.

A Miracle for Obese People

Dear Doctor! How Do I Lift My Child Height?

High Blood Pressure

Strengthen the Will to Lose Weight.

Blood Lipids

Do You Want a Girl or a Boy?


First nutrition software in Iran

Dr. Kermany developed the first nutrition program in Iran in 1997 to help his obese patients. Dr. Kermani’s nutrition software became wildly successful. Many overweight or underweight people lost weight and improved their health by using this program and following the eating plan. He published a book entitled A Miracle for Obese People when he tried out nutrition software. This has been reprinted over 100 times. A few years later, another book was published entitled A Miracle for slim People, attracting many dieters.

Introducing Dr. Kermani’s team

Doctor Kermany is a seasoned expert who has conducted an extensive study on obesity and weight loss with outstanding results. Dr. Kermani’s team held a 6,000-hour scientific symposium to improve people’s diets, and they succeeded in losing 7 million kg; A miracle. Dr. Kermany believes that everyone in the community should be fit. Dr. Kermany has thus allowed people to access the collection from anywhere in Iran or the world through websites, mobile applications, and telephone. Use this opportunity to improve their health. His team has attained an important milestone thanks to Dr. Kermani’s physiologists, nutritionists, software professionals, and content producers.

Activities of Dr. Kermani’s organization

Dr. Kermani’s obesity diet plan dates back to 1995. Initially, he prepared hand-delivered diet plans and nutrition advice for overweight patients. For the first time in 1997, it chose to provide nutrition software to its patients after two years of research. Individuals from all around the country sought his treatment and nutritional advice for addressing obesity and thinness. So Dr. Kermany opened offices in other Iranian cities for his people’s convenience. In 2006, he began his missions.

As of 2012, Dr. Kermany has produced and published Behandam software. This program’s features assist users to lose weight, eating healthily, and maintaining a healthy body.

Other activities of Dr. Kermany include the following:

Launching a group called Madai in 2016

Launching Vitamin Sports Group in 2017.

Launching the Arabic section of Ghosn al-Alban in 2018

Launching the Mindfit Psychology Department in 2018

Submitting the calorie count application called Zireh in 2018

Launching the Bornafit group regime in 2020

Launching the Kermany Kids section in 2021

The organization’s values and visions

Dr. Kermani’s team aims at health and preventing disease. The fundamental purpose of this organization is to keep society healthy. Dr. Kermany and his team believe that they are all on a spiritual path. Change is part of their lives. As a consequence, it attempts to improve its services without jeopardizing public health. Dr. Kermany and his team feel that consumers should be informed. They are their clients’ health advisors and seek to help them without judging or criticizing them. Their main concern is the customer.

Seminars, webinars, and challenges

Dr. Kermany is a well-known and qualified obesity specialist. He has helped thousands of people lose weight and improve muscular strength. He helped more than a million people lose weight and developed Iran’s first online nutrition application. He is a prolific author who has made huge advances in treating obesity. Dr. Kermany has held various webinars and seminars on obesity and nutrition. Continue reading to learn more about these events.

Topics discussed in Dr. Kermani’s seminars and webinars

Dr. Kermany has spoken at conferences, seminars, and webinars. Dr. Kermany has addressed key themes such as obesity inheritance, the human body’s physiology, and the causes of weight growth in his seminars and webinars. These conferences also covered:

How the body produces energy

Is Coffee the best and healthiest fuel for the body?

Introducing the ketogenic diet and who it is suitable for

Introducing insulin resistance disease and how people get it

Awareness of the harms of the oils we consume

How to treat infertility due to obesity

Introducing slimming pills.

How to get rid of belly fat?

The effect of obesity on night sleep and …

The importance of Dr. Kermani’s seminars and webinars in helping people lose weight

Dr. Kermany converts difficult nutritional topics into simple terms for participants. These topics explain what occurs after eating and cell function. He gives methods to prevent and treat type 2 diabetes in his seminars and webinars. These classes will teach people how to adjust their diet and lifestyle to attain the physique they want. Obesity is caused by a lack of dietary awareness. It implies individuals know what nutrition their bodies need and how to handle their hunger. Get their optimal weight and body type with this advice. Dr. Kermani’s lectures and webinars teach that the human brain is adaptable and can cure undesirable habits and behaviors. So, with information, everyone can improve his/her eating patterns and eat well. Dr. Kermany will present these practical and scientific topics in simple words at these sessions.

Attend Dr. Kermani’s lectures and webinars if you can’t say no to your food cravings. Those who can’t stick to their diet and have gained weight after losing it are among Dr. Kermani’s audience. Also:

People who have lost many good opportunities in their lives due to obesity

Those who are overweight

Those with type 2 diabetes

People with infertility due to obesity

Those who were short of breath while walking due to being overweight

People who are looking for a healthy diet

Those who want to achieve a beautiful and desired body

And many others.

Obese and overweight people need to reduce weight to be healthy and have a fit body. Obesity may shorten life expectancy in patients with conditions like cardiovascular issues. Obesity has many other drawbacks:

Shortness of breath and exhaustion

Increased incidence of diseases related to the spine and osteoarthritis of the knee

Increased risk of type 2 diabetes

Increased risk of stroke

Skin problems.

Excessive hair growth in different parts of the body

Increased risk of cancer

Increased likelihood of infertility

Obesity, however, has psychological effects. The poor self-esteem of obese people may contribute to sadness and anxiety. Many overweight people are socially isolated due to fear of being mocked. Attending Dr. Kermani’s seminars and webinars is vital to promoting the physical and emotional health of obese individuals.

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